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Pinnacle only works for you!Founded in 1996 as an alternative to companies in need of managed contract staffing, Pinnacle has established itself as an industry leader for its fresh approach to workforce implementation and management. For companies around the country, including many on the Fortune 500 list, we develop a staffing alternative specifically designed for each client to ensure that you not only get the best person for each job, but that you achieve a competitive edge by maximizing the overall efficiency of your workforce. All of this is provided as an exclusive, onsite managed resource that works seamlessly within your organization.

A 21st Century Approach To Staffing

Solutions for Today's Workforce

For businesses in any industry, these are challenging times. Never before has it been so imperative that your workforce be in sync with production needs. When demand shifts, you need to turn on a dime, be lean, and stay focused on your core competencies. 

Traditional branch-based staffing companies are simply not designed to manage labor-intensive business needs. Pinnacle Staffing offers a different approach, by working solely as an embedded managed resource within your operation. We deliver staffing solutions tailored to your business. Pinnacle provides you with the oversight, recruitment, screening, and retention of a 21st Century workforce that can compete in today's global environment. Each of our exclusive solutions are customized to your specific needs. We believe this to be the most efficient approach to the workforce challenges that face today's businesses.

We Only Work For You

Unlike local or metro branch-based staffing companies that may service hundreds of clients from their branch-based office, Pinnacle only recruits and hires, trains and manages, tracks and retains hundreds of contract associates every day for you.This ensures a better fit and retention of your contract workforce need. By being onsite and exclusive, we are better equipped to be sure that you receive the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

Unlike local or metro branch-based staffing companies, which use a general database for hundreds of clients that compete for the best talent, Pinnacle's database is exclusive, so that you and only you get the right person, in the right place, and at the right time. With a branch-based staffing company you run the risk of being prioritized instead of being the priority.

Pinnacle offers a fully integrated service model that can address day-to-day, seasonal and long-term strategic staffing needs. With Pinnacle, you can gain efficiencies in production, lower your workforce costs, and stay lean by taking advantage of the many strategic solutions offered in our program. Everything we do, we do exclusively for you.


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