Our Structure

Branch-based staffing companies may only give you an account coordinator. With Pinnacle, you get a team of professionals dedicated and focused on optimizing and managing your contingent workforce. Pinnacle is responsible for all the Human Resources aspects of the contract workforce, while still allowing you to manage the production aspects of the workforce. Our onsite exclusive service team works with key representatives of your team through daily and weekly production meetings to determine each upcoming week's labor requirements and then we focus on an accurate and timely delivery of those requirements exclusively for you.

Beyond delivery of your contract workforce, Pinnacle is dedicated to creating a safe working environment for the contract workforce and by doing this we reduce the administrative burden associated with contract staffing.

Our structure effectively scales to support numerous workforce strategies to optimize your investment.

Here's how it can support you.

Layered Support

Each of our clients receives the expertise of a multi-layered management team that supports our exclusive service.

Layered support structure

Regional Vice President

A Regional Vice President oversees a territory that encompasses one or two states. The Regional Vice President has the overall authority and responsibility for all the exclusive service accounts within their territory.

Division Manager

The Regional Vice President’s territory is divided into separate divisions. Each division may have 5 to 20 separate exclusive onsite accounts depending on the size of the accounts and the logistics of the division. A Division Manager is assigned to assist and oversee operationally each exclusive account within the division.

Onsite Manager

There is an Onsite Manager at each exclusive account that manages and oversees all phases of our service program for the client. This Onsite Manager is dedicated and exclusive to each client to manage the contracted service program.

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