3-Tier Solutions

Design the workforce to win

Imagine a workforce that is actually designed to make you profitable. Pinnacle offers you multi-level service solutions that insure greater flexibility, increased operational efficiency, and costs savings. We offer a workforce development program that helps control and lower the overall cost per hour to produce.

Shape the Workforce to Compete

Pinnacle's history and experience in the manufacturing sector has helped craft innovative staffing solutions that are transforming today's workforce.

By offering the flexibility of contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire positions, as either full or part time, Pinnacle has placed talented people in a multitude of positions spanning every industry and we have re-shaped our client's workforce to operate more efficiently.

3-Tier Solutions

Pinnacle's unique 3-tiered program provides you with the ultimate flexibility, operational efficiency and cost savings to shape your workforce into a competitive edge. When fully integrated, this workforce development solution maximizes the efficiency of your overall cost per hour to produce and gives you a competitive advantage.

Pinnacle offers 3-tier solutions

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