How We Do It

Tiered solutions with your needs at the core

Complete Employee Administration 

Pinnacle Staffing offers 3-tiered solutionsAs an embedded resource within your operation, we operate 100% in-sync with your management.

Unlike many branch-based staffing companies, Pinnacle works solely as an embedded resource within your operation. Our goal is to fuse with your organization and operate in-sync with your management. Our employee administration enhances the employer / employee relationship. Pinnacle oversees all human-resource concerns related to our contract employees, such as counseling or any disciplinary action.

How You Benefit:

  • Reduced co-employment concern
  • Exclusive recruiting and screening
  • Better quality of hire and retention
  • Measurable program ownership
  • Costs savings and better control

Selective Hiring

As an onsite partner, we recruit and hire exclusively for you.

Traditional branch-based staffing companies use a single or centralized database of job candidates for every client served by that office. As an onsite partner, we recruit, pre-screen, interview and hire exclusively for you. Our candidate list is never compromised. There is no conflict with who receives the best candidates. Once hiring is complete, we administer on-site or off-site orientation, safety training and optional specialized testing to ensure your new associate is ready to meet the challenges immediately.

How You Benefit:

  • View Our Hiring Process 
  • Better qualified pre-screened applicant pool
  • Higher level of employee retention
  • Improved screening through cutting edge technology
  • Costs savings and better control

Exclusive Database 

Access to information pertaining to employee skill sets, aptitude and other specific requests.

Pinnacle‘s dedicated database system allows our staff to input and access all necessary information pertaining to employee skill sets, aptitude, image and other specific requests as they relate to the staffing needs of our clients. The database is used for tracking and maintaining a pool of qualified employees exclusively for our clients. The database also interfaces with payroll processing, scheduling, e-mail access and various management reports.

How You Benefit:

  • An exclusive inventory of skilled candidates
  • Improved labor usage through monitored planning and scheduling
  • Measured performance indicators
  • Just-in-time staffing capability

Employee Previewing 

Maintaining a pool of contingent employees allows for a buffer against core job loss in the event of unforeseen downsizing.

Contract employees are generally eligible for direct hire after 90 days on an assignment. This allows our clients to ensure an employee is the best match for a job prior to hire. It also allows our employees the opportunity to be sure the company is where they wish to be employed.

How You Benefit:

  • A contingent staff provides a buffer for your core employees
  • Previewing through Pinnacle allows you to select only the best employee fit
  • Previewing enhances retention and productivity
  • You only select the best candidates for the job

Quality Controls 

Measured results that lead to continuous improvement.

The foundation of our Quality Assurance program is a series of custom reports and face-to-face meetings, each designed to ensure that Pinnacle is meeting all performance expectations. These include a Weekly Activity Report, Monthly and Quarterly Reviews and Bi-Annual Satisfaction Surveys.

How You Benefit:

  • Goals are established and results are achieved
  • Performance is monitored and measured for progress
  • Quality control audits provide you with assurance of service compliance
  • A measured return on your investment

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